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Prediction is very difficult, especially about the future.
Niels Bohr
Dear Stock Markets forecaster.
This is a non-profit initiative. It is free.
It aims at helping You in making profitable stocks and shares swing trading.

Free stock market Forecast, in this page, based on Trend Analysis. Reviewed

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The stock market trend forecast engine and stock market technical analysis

You may wonder how to make trades more profitable than the simple buy and hold strategy? An eternal question to which many financiers, traders and other gurus have long tried to find an answer to. This engine proposes a solution that aims at encompassing all of their findings, assumptions, prospects, and their inevitable consequences.

Premium Markets Forecast Engine and Technical Analysis

I can't hide it, this is fairly simple. This stock market forecast is simply based on the stock quotations, past and present, and their technical analysis.

The idea is not to forecast the next price value, but to forecast the price trends, up or down. The forecast uses, as input, data sets of technical analysis calculated from the most widely used indicators and oscillators for swing and longer term trading. It draws trend periods, bullish or bearish, which aim at reflecting the future price trend. The same kind of trend indication you would get when using a simple moving average ... but without the lag!.

For more information about the calculation please refer to How it works.
For requests and comments, use the contact link or the box below after you have clicked on a sample stock.

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